Small Lift Chairs: Perfect for Small Spaces and Short People

Complete Guide

Lift chairs are great, but sometimes people need something better suited to their needs, and that is why petite lift chairs exist as the perfect solution for short people and small spaces.

This complete guide will let you know everything about them, so you can purchase responsibly and get the results you are after, because that is what really matters in the end.

UltraComfort Stellar Comfort Petite Zero Gravity Lift Chair UC550

  • Unlimited patented positioning
  • AutoDrive hand control
  • Patented Motion Box Delivers Therapeutic Positions

UltraComfort Montage UC542-JPT Petite Lift Chair Recliner

  • Petite Size Lift Recliner Three Position
  • Smartek Remote Feature
  • Seam back design

Mega Motion NM122PW Petite Wide Three-Position Lift Chair

  • 3-Position, Petite Wide lift chair
  • Furniture grade hardwood/plywood construction
  • Perfect for lift, stand, nap or T.V. watching

The Advantages of Petite Power Recliners:

You will get tons of value out of your petite chair:

  • The dimensions will be perfect for your height and other requirements, because they are especially made for you. The majority of them can stand a weight of up to 300 pounds. Take into account that there small and also petite junior lift chairs, which are even smaller
  • They will fit very small spaces, which is great for people who live in apartments and cannot destine tons of space to a lift chair
  • You will regain independence, because even if you are very limited in mobility, a power recliner will allow you to sit down on the chair easily, as well as get on your feet when you need to stand up
  • The perfect antidote against stress and anxiety, because as the dimensions are perfect, and in addition with the heat and massage system, you will be able to fully relax.

Great benefits, without any doubts, but you also need to consider these points before buying your chair:

  • Make sure that it uses an electric system, because a manual one will be too problematic to manage for most people, especially if you have limited mobility or a disability
  • The transition between positions must be smooth and generous in range, because if it is too chaotic at the of switching, and it can only change between 2 positions, then you will not experience the real benefits of a good lift chair
  • Double-check the dimensions, because as you are getting a special lift chair, you need to make sure that the dimensions are perfect
  • Make sure it is fabricated by a reputable brand, because you need a high-quality product with a strong team behind it, so you can get assistance whenever you need it.

Where to Find Good Small Lift Chairs for Sale?

The internet is your best friend, because you will find a bigger variety than if you were shopping offline. There are many companies offering them:

  • Pride
  • Golden Technologies
  • First Street
  • Med Lift

You can buy directly from them or from online retailers like Amazon, because most brands sell there as well, which allows you to read more reviews, which is very important when buying a product like this.

Before you decide to buy a certain small power lift chair, you need to read reviews, as many as possible, because it will bring you an excellent understanding on the pros and cons, which is essential to decide whether that chair is for you or not.

For example, if you wanted to buy a petite wide lift chair, then you should pay special attention to the reviews that talk about the dimensions, because you need them to be perfect, because you are looking for a chair with very specific features.

To summarize, always do your own research, read reviews and testimonials from customers and elaborate your own conclusion about the product.

Now you are ready to buy your own small power lift chair. It is exactly what your life needs right now, and it is about time to make it happen!

How Much Do They Cost?

As they a special kind of chair, you will have to pay more than if you bought a regular chair, but that is normal, because you are looking for a product with special features.

Normally, you should expect to pay approximately $1,000 USD for a solid small lift chair that will get the job done and will last for a long time. The prices can go up depending, for example, on the extra functions of the chair, customization and the material.

If you want to save money, then you can always look for used small lift chairs, but they have many cons:

  • You won’t be protected by the money-back guarantee
  • You will have very limited customer support (if any)
  • They can present problems much earlier than expected, and without direct support from the company, you will have many troubles sorting them out.

That is why we recommend you to buy a brand new one, because it will offer you the best value. It will cost you more, sure, but your health deserves it.


Now you are ready to buy your own small power lift chair. It is exactly what your life needs right now, and it is about time to make it happen!

More questions? No worries, because we are here to help you. Just comment below and we will be happy to answer your doubts, to make sure that you buy the perfect chair for your needs!