Lift Chair Cost: What Factors Determine the Price? 

Complete Guide

Chances are you need a lift chair, but you want to learn more about them, and that includes how much it will cost you to get a good one.

Worry not, because this complete guide will explain you everything about the prices of lift chairs, what factors come into play for determining them, and of course, advice on how to get the best deals and where to find discounts.

Without anything more to add, let’s begin!

Mega Motion NM122PW Petite Wide Three-Position Lift Chair

  • 3-Position, Petite Wide lift chair
  • Whisper quiet power lift and recline
  • Heavy duty steel lift mechanism

Mega Motion NM1652 Infinite Position Zero Gravity Lift Chair

  • Infinite position, all electric lift and recline
  • Dual motors allow separate operation of footrest and back
  • Zero Gravity Position 

Mega Motion NM4001 Three-Position Lift Chair

  • Three-position lift chair
  • Whisper quiet, smooth lift and recline function
  • Traditional button-back style

The Type of Lift Chair: The Biggest Determinant

Honestly, the kind of lift chair you need will be the final call regarding the price, because a bariatric lift chair with very big dimensions, tons of extra features and extra-durable materials will be a lot more expensive than a regular 2-position chair made of cheap micro-fiber.

To illustrate this point, it is better to cite some clear examples.

For example, let’s take the Ambassador Premier A3 (Bariatric), which costs approximately $4,500 USD, against the ACME Ricardo Recliner, a common cheap choice that you can get for less than $400 USD.

The difference in price is gigantic, and it is because the Ambassador Premier A3 is made for people who are very tall and weigh up to 250 KG. Therefore, it is made with advanced technology, extra-durable materials and includes exclusive features and settings to guarantee the best experience in comfort.

On the other hand, the ACME Ricardo Recliner is more of an average lift chair that will only help you to relax, but it is not made for special conditions, like for people with very limited mobility, serious injuries or seniors. Keep it in mind.

Let’s check another example, because special features like unlimited number of positions and zero gravity position will also affect the price:

Compare the Golden Power Cloud (a zero-gravity chair) that costs approximately $1,800 USD against a lift recliner by Hercules, which has a price of $380 USD. Again, a very remarkable difference in price.

As you can see, the type of lift chair will greatly affect the price, more than any other feature, because the more special it is, the more expensive it will be.

Another factor that can affect it is the quality of the material, because high-quality and authentic leather will always be more expensive than microfiber or any other synthetic material.

Also, exclusive settings for the massage or heat system can shoot up the price, especially if they include patented technology.

Is It Possible to Find a Cheap and Good Lift Chair Under $500 USD?

You know that it is very hard – impossible in fact – to find a special lift chair for under $500 USD, because they require of very specific and expensive materials and exclusive features.

However, if you need a well-rounded lift chair that will allow you to relax, then you can get it for $500 or even less.

The two examples we mentioned above – the recliner by Hercules and the lift chair by ACME – are good examples, because they will allow you to release stress and anxiety and deliver a good massage for a low price.

There are some brands that can bring you lift chairs in that price range as well:

  • Lazy Boy
  • Pride Mobility
  • Golden Technologies

However, keep it real, because you know what to expect, because even good small or petite small chairs will be a lot more expensive, because they require special features, to be perfectly suitable for short people.

Before you go ahead and buy the chair, make sure to check these points, because they will make sure that you buy an excellent one that will suffice all of your needs.

Where to Find Great Discounts and How to Find the Best Price?

If you want to find a good discount and coupon, then you should look for them in sites like Retail Me Not, and Often, you will find very good discounts, so you can reduce the price of your lift chair for a very juicy margin.

If you want to find the best price, then first you need to find your ideal lift chair, and then, you need to compare it against other options that deliver the same features, so you can pick the one that brings you the best value for the money.

Once you have it, you should also find it all the websites where it is listed, because many times, different retailers will bring you different prices, which opens you the opportunity to get it for a low price.

You will have to research on your own, but it will be worth it. However, remember to always buy from brands with a strong reputation, even if you are looking for the cheapest lift chairs.


Now you know more about the factors that come into play at the hour of determining the cost of a life chair. If you need more help, then feel free to shot us a message or leave a comment below.