Infinite Position Lift Chairs: Are They A Better Choice? 

 A Full Explanation & Reviews

You are doing great in exploring the different options at your disposal, because before deciding what chair you will buy, it is important to know a lot more about them. Today, you are going to learn about infinite position lift chairs and all of their benefits.

You will see why getting an infinite position lift chair with heat and massage is a wonderful idea, because we will explain it all to you in exquisite detail.

Of course, as always, if you still have doubts, we are here to help you.

UltraComfort UC794 Stellar Comfort Medium

  • Unlimited patented positioning
  • AutoDrive hand control
  • Comfort with sophisticated style

UltraComfort UC558 Stellar Comfort with Eclipse Zero Gravity 

  •  Three-motor recline system
  • Personalized and automatic comfort 
  •  Bucket-seat design

UltraComfort UC550-M26 Stellar Comfort Heavy Duty

  • AutoDrive hand control
  • Preprogrammed options

The Number of Positions: A Game Changer

You are smart enough to guess the principle advantage of this lift chair. Unlike traditional ones, which are limited to 2-3 positions, this one allows you to select from a limitless range. You can customize it as per your requirements, and that is a huge advantage.

We all are different, and hence, we have different needs, and by getting your own infinite position recliner power lift chair, you will be able to modulate it as you wish. No limits for you any longer, as it brings you the power of absolute customization.

We all are different, and hence, we have different needs, and by getting your own infinite position recliner power lift chair, you will be able to modulate it as you wish. No limits for you any longer, as it brings you the power of absolute customization.

It will allow you to maximize the power of relaxation and pain and tension relief, because you will be able to find the most comfortable position for you, which is especially important if you are going to spend a lot of time using the chair. If you ever get bored, then you can easily change it.

The control is totally yours. Furthermore, it also makes the chair great to use for different people, in case you need to do so, as everyone can modulate the positions as they like.

Putting one of these in your office hall would be the bomb to allow your employees to relax for a while, as they will be able to personalize their experience.

It sounds really good, doesn’t it? The power of being to choose any position you like brings you many opportunities for experimenting and finding that sweet spot that brings you total comfort. It sounds excellent, however, before you buy the first chair you find online, we recommend you to keep reading.

What Should You Keep into Account When Buying an Infinite Lift Chair?

Not all of them are the same, and therefore, there are certain things you need to consider before buying one:

1. The Materials Matter.

Our recommendation is to buy a chair made with top-quality leather and a strong and resistant steel frame. Changing positions repeatedly can cause a lot of friction, and therefore, the chair needs to have a durable, strong and stable internal system

2. Read Carefully. 

You need to make sure that it is authentically infinite positions, because some of these so-called chairs will put you a limit on what you can do. Read carefully, so you can prevent problems later on

3. Heat and Massage

Always make sure that the system is great and efficient, because it is the responsible for bringing the relaxation and therapeutic benefits, which are especially important for someone buying it for treating health conditions or injuries. Make sure that it targets your body as a whole, and as we explain in the point #5, it is very important to check feedback, and you should pay attention to the reviews that mention details about the heat and massage

4.Ease of Use

 It is really important, especially if the person who is going to use it is not very tech-savvy, for example a senior. You need to buy a chair with a simple-to-use system, which only requires pushing a couple of buttons to accomplish what you need

5.Read Reviews

Because a company can advertise their chairs very well, but you need to know what is really going on, and thus, reading real reviews will help you to balance the good and the bad, and therefore, take a wise and informed decision

6. Smooth Transition

 The reviews will allow you to know more about this aspect, because it should be very easy and smooth, to bring the user a much more pleasant experience, especially if the person using it has a very delicate health condition.

Before you go ahead and buy the chair, make sure to check these points, because they will make sure that you buy an excellent one that will suffice all of your needs.

Are They a Better Choice Then?

Having the possibility to choose between multiple position is definitively an advantage, but it all comes down to your personal preference. Nonetheless, what is not to like about having infinite positions at your disposal. It opens a new universe of possibilities!

A con is the price, because due to this exclusive feature, the prices go up, but it is definitively worth it. In case it escapes what you can afford, then you can always buy a used one.

If your budget allows it – and in fact, you can get it for as low as $1,200 USD in many cases – then you should definitively get it, especially if it comes coupled with a great heat and massage system.

However, you need to consider other aspects like your height and weight, because if you are very tall and heavy, then you will need something with the right dimensions, but even bariatric lift chairs include the infinite positions feature.

If you can buy it, then do it, because such feature is definitively an advantage. You will experience more comfort, because you can personalize the experience, which is a major plus.

Closing Thoughts and Final Words

As you can see, an infinite position lift chair is definitively a great choice, and according to many (including us), a better choice than your regular choice. It will bring you a lot more comfort.

Now that it is all clear, follow our recommendations and get it!

If you have more questions, post them in the comments and we will get back to you soon!